Our Story

Essaberry is a small mom owned business that is creatively and lovingly managed by me, Suchitra. What started out as a way to create and sell dot mandala art on rocks has now become a more deliberate effort that showcases handmade art through polymer clay and acrylic media. Unless otherwise stated and sold as “Curated” or “Ethnic Elegance”, everything sold on this website is handmade by me.

While my primary work continues to be with mandala dot art, more recently, creating earrings from polymer clay has infused a new level of purposeful creation into my maker lifestyle. On this website, you will find many seasonal as well as all-occasion earrings. Additionally, mandala dot art will be presented as home decor, jewelry, journals, bowls, coasters, trinkets, and many other forms.

As a mom and artist, I am inspired by everyday life and living and this is reflected in all my work. Whether it is in making sports-themed earrings because my children play several different kinds or creating Diwali-themed earrings as a nod to my Indian heritage and upbringing, whether it is representing my Buddhist beliefs through mandala art showing the Buddha on canvas or a simple keychain with dot art mimicking a combination of my favorite colors, I engage my mind, body, and heart into everything I create.

It is my privilege and honor to have you visit this website and support my small entrepreneurial venture. By making a purchase from this website, directly from my booth at local festivals, or even simply by liking and following me on social media, you are doing more to this mom’s creative energies and family activities than you could ever possibly imagine. When your purchases allow me to pay for the little “extras” in life that my children enjoy and appreciate – be it their swimming lessons or school field trips, it makes what I do meaningful in unfathomable ways. Thank you.